Based on factors from how many people ride to how fast the bike networks are expanding, Boulder, Colorado, is the best place to commute on two wheels.

In Boulder, Colorado, where people are around 20 times more likely to bike to work than the average American, the city has spent decades building a network of bike lanes–including multiple overpasses and underpasses that avoid intersections, and off-street bike paths–to make it easier to get anywhere on two wheels. Boulder topped a new ranking of places to bike in the U.S., followed closely by Fort Collins, Colorado. “Boulder’s history of investment in a safe, comfortable bike network is central to their success,” says Kyle Wagenschutz, director of local innovation at PeopleForBikes, the nonprofit that created the PlacesForBikes City Rating. “It’s not just that they are using designs that attract the biggest potential pool of riders, but that the network actually connects to places people want to travel to, including grocery stores, parks, and public transportation.”

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